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Starmony Voices

Starmony Voices

Starmony Voices

Transform Your Voice, Redefine Music Creation.

Want a rap verse? Make a duet? Create a choir?
Or just want to sound like some of our top artists?

Starmony Voices makes it all possible.

🌟 Ok, so what is it? 

Starmony Voices allows you to transform your own voice into a wide variety of voices from the Starmony Community. With a diverse range of voices at your fingertips, you can seamlessly integrate them into your compositions, adding a touch of magic to your music.

🎭 Tweak Your Voice Unleash a world of opportunity by tweaking your voice to sound like our top creators. New Starmony Voices are added all the time!

🌐 Explore Diverse Styles All Voices have different styles. So whether you're crafting a pop hit or spitting bars, we have the perfect match for your vision.

🔥 Use Your Imagination Use any of the Voices as harmonies, dubs, effects, or why not elevate your entire song. Only your imagination sets the tone.


"Starmony Voices is a breath of fresh air for artists like me who love collaboration. It's not just about creating music; it's about connecting with fellow artists globally. A truly great opportunity, where the 1% royalty cut is a fantastic incentive, ensuring that every voice is rightfully recognized and rewarded."
-  Car Ants Seats, Artist

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