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Release Policy

Release Policy

Before requesting to distribute your song, please check out our release policy checklist to ensure your distribution process goes smoothly.

  • The song must be 100% your original creation.

Your song should consist of your own lyrics and composition. You cannot sample and/or interpolate existing songs into your track. Covers are allowed, but please be mindful of what constitutes a cover song. Read more below.

  • Cover songs must remain fundamentally unchanged from its original.

Cover songs are allowed, but the main elements (original lyrics, title and melody) must remain fundamentally unchanged from the original song. If these elements are altered, then the track is not considered a cover anymore, and is not allowed.

  • Vocals must fill at least 75% of the song’s duration.
    We love all kinds of music (including instrumentals,) but we want to hear your voice! Therefore, your vocals must at least cover 75% of the song.

  • Vocals must be recorded using earphones / headphones.
    Recording your vocals without using headphones/earphones will negatively affect the quality of the vocal recording. So, record your vocals (both initial vocals and in the Studio) using earphones or headphones. Wireless or wired doesn’t matter.

  • Vocals should be of high quality.

    • We want your vocals to shine! Record in a quiet environment and approximately 5 cm (or a pinkie's length) from the mic, so that unwanted background noise won’t take the spotlight away from your voice.

    • Make sure that your vocals do not have any unwanted artifacts (such as excess breath, scraping noises, or any noise that does not add quality to the overall recording.)

    • The easiest way to see if your vocals are high quality, ask yourself this question: "Are this song's vocals good enough to be on a Spotify editorial playlist?" If the answer is yes, then your song is most likely ready to be submitted to our distribution team.

  • The song should be properly mixed.
    On the Starmony app, you have many features that allow you to properly balance and mix your vocals so that they seamlessly blend with the production. We don’t expect everyone to know how to professionally mix a song, but you should use the features (such as compression, clean, balance, and AutoTune) to take your vocals to the next level.

  • Valid cover artwork
    Make sure that your artwork is at least 3000 x 3000 pixels. Your cover artwork should not contain inappropriate content such as nudity. You should also have ownership or permission to use the image for the artwork.

  • Valid song title
    Your song must have a title. Songs cannot contain special characters such as emojis (😄) or symbols (♥). Letters that are outside of the English alphabet are of course allowed. Your song must also be properly formatted, in accordance to policy set by streaming services (read more on this article by Distrokid). 

  • Proper artist name
    Your song won’t be complete without your artist name connected to it! Please choose your artist name before requesting a distribution of your song. Of course you can be creative with your artist name, but please remember to be appropriate (no profanity, etc). Your artist name should also include real letters (no emojis or symbols). Furthermore, avoid using the same name as another existing artist to prevent confusion. 

  • Appropriate content

    • We believe that art should not be censored and therefore everyone can release their tracks, even explicit ones containing suggestive themes, mentions of substances, sexual themes, profanity, and/or expletives. Furthermore, users who are not at least 16 years old cannot release songs containing inappropriate content (as mentioned above).

    • However, we will not accept songs that contain hate speech, threats, and/or similar conducts.

    • For more information, please refer to Spotify's policy around hate content and conduct.

  • Parental Consent
    If you are under 18 years old, make sure you have your parent’s permission in order to have your distribution request approved by Starmony.


Starmony has the right to decide and select the tracks that are appropriate for a release. Requesting a distribution for your song does not guarantee an actual release to streaming platforms. Following the release policy above increases the chance of your song being distributed, but it is not a guarantee.

Starmony also reserves the right to do a takedown and remove an already-released song if the song is later found to be in violation of the policy above.

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