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We believe that music-making should be accessible to everyone. Even if you don’t have the technical skills, financial ability, or the right industry contacts.

✅ Limitless creativity: Unlock the full spectrum of Starmony's creative tools. From advanced music sketching to professional-grade features

✅ Lots, and lots of music releases: Have what it takes to release 60 songs in a year!? Dare to try and keep a massive 70% of any royalties generated

✅ AI-generated cover arts: Elevate your tracks visually with creative cover arts. Craft eye-catching images effortlessly to stand out in the crowd

✅ Access to our web Studio: Upload your own music and create remixes instantly. Get a license for public performances, self-distribution and more




Get creative with Platinum!



Save big with Platinum yearly!

Business Pack

Want to buy several Starmony Platinum memberships?

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