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Royalty split

Here at Starmony, we aim to democratize the music industry as we believe that music-making should be accessible to everyone. Even if you don’t have the technical skills, financial ability, or the right industry contacts, you can now create music with Starmony just by using your smartphone. Bottom line, we have done all the hard work so that you can put all of your focus on what matters--your music.

We have teamed up with many talented music producers that power our technology, enabling you to create a whole song just by using your voice and release it to Spotify, Apple Music, and more. When you decide to publish your music, we implement a transparent royalty split between all contributors.

The contributors (i.e. artists, collaborators, and the originators of possible Starmony Voices used) keeps up to a whopping 70% of ANY royalty revenue generated by the song.


The Artist(s)

The Producer


Both you, any other contributors, and the music producer will be credited as songwriters of the track, and Starmony will be your music publisher.


All in all, Starmony is your studio, your own arsenal of top music producers, your record company, and your music publisher. All on your mobile phone.

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