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Tips and Tricks!

So, you have released a song on Starmony. You're wondering, what to do now? 

Well, there are many ways to enhance your release and maximize your streaming numbers! 

Social media can be your goldmine!

  • Share your song with all your friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbours, etc. EVERYONE must know about it!! Use your community to get things going, ask them to listen to your song, like it and share it with others. Don’t be shy! You just created a banger and people should know about it. 

  • Create content promoting your song. Instagram and TikTok have the power to take your music career to a whole new level. Take advantage of it! You can create videos explaining the song’s creation process, what inspired you, or if there’s a story behind. You can create a dance, or ask your friends to blind-react to your song and record their reactions. The sky is the limit! 

  • Use hashtags in your social media posts. Some examples are #singersongwriter #singer #rap #rapper #hiphop . Look for hashtags that other similar creators use and try them out.

  • Tag Starmony in your posts. We are on both Instagram and TikTok. We usually like, comment and repost all content in which we are tagged. 🚀

Claim your Spotify for Artist profile

Spotify is one of the most used streaming platforms in the whole world, so knowing more about how your music is doing on Spotify can be very useful to propel your music journey forward. The Spotify for Artist feature is reserved only for releasing artists on the platform, and since Starmony distributes to Spotify (among many other platforms), you can gain access to your own Artist profile! 

To do so, simply email us at with your email address that is associated to your personal Spotify account (the one you normally use to listen to music). We will help you connect your personal account to your Artist page, so you can immediately see how your music is doing!

After you've successfully gained access to your artist profile, make sure to change your profile picture and personalize your profile with a paragraph (or more) about yourself! Listeners like to know who they're listening to, and a complete artist profile can do your streaming count wonders. 

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